Night to Shine in West Texas

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The West Texas Council and Panhandle Club participated in the Night to Shine project, a nationwide event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.   The event is a prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs age 14 and older.  It was held on Feb 8, 2019 and was the fifth annual but our first to join in. On one night, 655 churches around the world come together to host the event. This event is completely donation based so relies solely on help from the community.

The two Tesas Pride groups held a beans and cornbread fundraiser to help raise money to sponsor a table.  We donated formal clothing for the attendees to shop from and volunteered to buddy with some of the prom goers.

This was an amazing and heartwarming event.  Each participant was crowned at the end of the night.  There were limo rides, red carpet, food, dancing, karaoke and much more.

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