Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

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The AT&T Pioneers re-launched the Sleeping Mats for the Homeless Project during the 2014 Joint ERG Conference in Dallas on Saturday, September 21, 2014.

Over 100 AT&T employees volunteered to sort, fold, cut, weave, roll and crochet plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats for the homeless community. The community service event was hosted by the Dallas and San Diego Council Pioneers with the support of the National Board. The National Projects and Programs Committee adopted this project so Pioneers across the U.S. can engage and contribute their volunteer hours to the Pioneers. Completed mats will be given directly to the charity in need, or to a local Pioneer unit, or to the National Project Lead.

The AT&T Pioneers’ intent is to recycle plastic bags and make them useful by crocheting them into sleeping mats and donate them to local shelters, churches or other like organizations for distribution to the homeless community.

“I am grateful to all the employees who attended and supported Pioneers at the ERG conference! We posted over 343 hours in the AT&T Volunteerism Portal! Our goal is to continue to grow this service project throughout our local communities. We can support our local communities while also helping to free our landfills and oceans of plastic bags.” – Danielle Pyszczynski


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