Anniston Council Work Day With United Way in the Spot Light

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Anniston Council1 Anniston Council2The Anniston Council of AT&T Pioneers, in conjunction with the United Way Day of Action, planned a work day at the James M. Barrie Center for Children on June 17, 2016.  Serving Etowah County, this center interviews and serves as advocates for children who have been abused and provides counseling to their families.  It also assists local law enforcement in gathering evidence needed to bring child abusers to justice.

The team of Pioneers, consisting of five “Regular” members, three Life Members, and one family member (Other), delivered $250 in much needed supplies, landscaped, pressure washed and cleaned carpets which greatly helped to improve and maintain the facility.

The Council has provided such service to the Center annually for eight years and is very proud to be in support of its mission.


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