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Dish It Up

Theme: Human Impact

We need your Help! Once again the National Pioneers is hosting Dish It Up: Feeding Families Healthy Food.  This is a massive volunteer initiative spanning the U.S. and Canada with a goal of feeding a healthy meal to 1 Million people who struggle to put food on the table each day.

The national project will kick off on World Hunger Day (Oct 16th, 2015) and run thru Nov 7th, 2015.  We the AT&T Pioneers (Chapters, Councils and Clubs), are needed to help make this effort a SUCCESS!

How can you help? Well there are many ways, including:

  • Collect healthy, nutritious, non-perishable food donations, and transport these donations to food banks.
  • Fill backpacks with healthy snacks or easy to prepare “weekend” food for children.
  • Or, serve food at local shelters or soup kitchen.

These are just a few ideas. But we are sure there are many more that you might already have.

Please encourage your Pioneering teams to participate in the event! If you’re not already planning a “Dish It Up” event for the Oct 16th thru Nov 7th timeframe, please consider hosting one in your Chapter, Council, or Club project.  Please remember to track the benefits of your efforts in Volunteer Now, AT&T’s Volunteerism Portal, and the Dish It Up Reporting Form.

For questions or more info regarding this effort go to or contact Theresa Goff at

Disaster Relief Fund

Theme: Human Impact

Every year Mother Nature presents challenges to our families, co-workers, Retirees, and fellow Pioneers in the form of natural disasters. Through 2014, this trend has continued and many of AT&T’s Pioneers (both Retirees and employees) have found themselves in need of support.

Thanks to the continued financial support you give, the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund has been able to financially support those in need. Closing out 2014, the fund has:

  • Supported 6 FEMA declared relief efforts
    • Reviewed 50 applications
    • Awarded $31,645 in 2014

Remember, it is your financial support that keeps the Disaster Relief Fund available. Take a few minutes and either as an individual, Chapter, Council, or Club and make a donation here. As history has shown us there will always be a need to support those affected by a disaster. Your continued support will insure the fund remains available to those in need.

Projects & Programs Point of Contact: Robert Stojanowski (212-539 9198)

Recycling for Sustainability

Theme: Military, Environmental

AT&T Pioneers have been supporting the charity Cell Phones for Soldiers since 2008 by collecting wireless phones for recycling. This program remains active, however, AT&T Pioneers are now nationally recognizing this program as the “Recycling for Sustainability” program. We continue to collect used cell phones, and this remains a current project working with nonprofit organizations.

How it works: The organization uses funds received from recycled cell phone parts to buy prepaid phone cards for active duty military members. This enables members of the Military an affordable way to connect with their families—and the project also helps the environment by helping to keep cell phones out of landfills.

Recycling in our community helps repurpose used items that normally would be filling up our landfills. AT&T Pioneers are working to reduce waste by recycling. Here are some ideas to do your part in keeping our planet green and free from unnecessary waste.

If you would like more information on projects you can do in your community click here

Have questions or need more info? Projects & Programs Point of Contact:

Katharina Dornstauder (775-683-5284)   Email

Aspire Mentoring Academy

Theme: Education

Aspire Mentoring Academy is the flagship employee engagement program of AT&T Aspire, AT&T’s signature education initiative focused on school success and workforce readiness. Pioneers can engage in the mentoring programs at work, at school and online. To learn more and find mentoring events in your area link we invite you to link to  If you are interested in being a leader in the Aspire Mentoring Academy please send an email to

Projects & Programs Point of Contact: Betty Byrd (662-773 4113).

It Can Wait

Details coming soon …

Pioneers Go the Distance for Charity Miles

Theme: Human Impact

The importance of “Living a healthy lifestyle” is a message Projects & Programs want to communicate to fellow Pioneers, families, and friends. With this in mind, we thought why not create a Pioneering program across the country that both encourages a healthier lifestyle but also helps you raise money for your favorite charity as well!  Pioneers Go the Distance for Charity does just that!

Go the Distance for Charity utilizes an app called Charity Miles which is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.  Simply download the app; follow the prompts to register, and create #attpioneers as your team.  When you are ready to exercise and Go the Distance for Charity, turn on the app, choose a charity, and press start.  As you exercise, the app will track your distance and you earn money for your chosen charity.

You must Go the Distance and get moving!  Bikers earn 10 cents a mile and walkers/runners/hikers etc., earn 25 cents a mile for their Charity. You must Go the Distance (in other words stationary activity does not work with this app).  When you are finished, accept your sponsorship, spread the word, and Charity Miles will confirm your good work.

Current charities to choose from include Wounded Warriors, Stand Up to Cancer, ASPCA, Autism Speaks, and many more! Check it out:

Projects & Programs Point of Contact: Shirley Sanz (858-621 4681)

Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

Theme: Human Impact, Environmental

This fall, the AT&T Pioneers launched a community service project to upcycle plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless. To launch the national project, AT&T Pioneers and employees gathered from around the country to spend more than 300 hours sorting, folding, cutting, weaving, rolling, and crocheting plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats. About 500 bags (which you can accumulate easily if you save them after trips to the grocery store!) go into making each mat. These mats made of recyclable material can withstand all kinds of weather, are lightweight and easy to roll, and provide protection from gravel and dirt.

This is a relatively simple and easy way to not only support your community but also keep plastic bags from ending up in landfills or littering our streets. Get in touch with your local homeless shelter to see if there is a need for sleeping mats in your community. To learn how to make the mats, you can watch our demonstration video.

Employees record your hours here.

Retires please contact the resource listed below to record hours.

Projects & Programs Point of Contact: Danielle Pyszczynski 858-621-4771

American Red Cross Blood Drive Initiative

Theme: Human Impact

In 2015 The AT&T Pioneers re-engaged in the ongoing partnership with the American Red Cross for blood donation efforts. Think about the impact that just one pint of blood offers (one pint of blood can save up to three people) that’s AMAZING! As Bob Cowgill (Projects & Programs Point of Contact) states it, “The ease of donating and the potential impact is so worthwhile I have made a practice of regularly giving blood. I give one pint of blood six times a year, each donation appointment only taking about 15 minutes. This means that for one and a half hours each year, I can help save 18 people! This simple act of kindness costs nothing but a small about of time yet can literally save someone’s life. Last year, AT&T employees donated about 5,000 pints of blood – that could save 15,000 people.”

Projects & Programs Point of Contact: Bob Cowgill (925-543 1000)

American Red Cross Disaster Training

Theme: Human Impact

During the 2014 Pioneers in Motion Conference, the AT&T Pioneers announced a new digital volunteer PARTNERSHIP with the American Red Cross!

Today, many of our Pioneer chapters, councils and clubs already support great projects related to human services and disaster relief.   Disaster preparedness kits, Hug-a-bears, and other great initiatives have been used to improve the lives of those affected by disasters. Also think about the impact your donations have made to individuals and families in need after a natural disaster via the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund.

Complementing the efforts of the Pioneers is the creation of a new online training program by the American Red Cross. Their ability to now offer online training opens new volunteer opportunities for Pioneers and volunteers that previously might not have had access to the regular on-site training.

With this in mind, join us in our continued partnership with the American Red Cross in 2015 to ensure the ability (theirs and ours) to continually “answer the call” of those in need.  Together we can make a difference to victims of disasters!

For employees click here:

For life members click here:
(Upon signup via Volunteer Now! a project in your respective life member club will be created to track your volunteer hours)

Projects & Programs Point of Contact: Jonine Lowery (714-237 6208)

Call for Action

Theme: Human Impact

The National Projects & Programs Committee continually looks for exciting and rewarding ways in which AT&T Pioneer Volunteers can support their communities. When we use the term “rewarding” in the case of the volunteer opportunity I would like to share with you, “rewarding” is an outcome for both the volunteer as well as the community. Let me share more…

Call For Action is a grassroots Non – Profit organization with over 50 years’ experience (founded in 1963) in providing television and radio stations with local stories from local consumers. CFA sets up and manages hotlines, staffed by trained local volunteers, that help viewers with consumer problems or when a consumer story peaks community interest. CFA works with callers to resolve their issues instead of simply referring them elsewhere. Currently CFA supports 6 of the top 12 markets and have offices in various sized markets throughout the top 120, which has the potential to reach thru their network alone of about 25 million.

Projects & Programs shares CFA with you as an opportunity in volunteering to educate and support people affected by these issues is a great way to not only support your communities, but also as a personal growth opportunity. Supporting a non – profit customer advocacy by helping individuals thru the listed issues can only help the volunteer be a more informed consumer as well.

Projects & Programs Point of Contact is Walt Adams (828 275 6548).

AT&T Cares Contribution

Theme: Human Impact

This program was established in recognition of the value the Pioneers, the Company-recognized Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and International volunteerism brings to the Company and the communities served.  Under this program, each Pioneer Chapter, ERG, and International Region can nominate one Public Charity organization to receive a contribution of $5,000 from AT&T.

In 2016, Pioneer Chapter applications are being accepted between May 1, 2016 through July 1, 2016.  The special AT&T Cares Contribution of $5,000 will be awarded to successful Pioneer Chapter Public Charity submissions before August 1, 2016.  The required 50 hours of volunteer time must also be recorded in AT&T’s Community Engagement – Volunteer portal or the Pioneers Volunteer Now Dashboard. no later than December 16, 2016.

Projects & Programs point of contact is Glynis Golden (908-243-6841)

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